Deep Cleaning your House

Cleaning your house is an important part of home keeping. It also refreshes the air in your house and allows for your health to flourish too. Who doesn’t want a clean house you are able to relax more without the clutter and without the suspicious smell and gunk.

You could have been living in the space for a long time or you are just moving in. You still need to deep clean your house to ensure that you are setting the vibe in your home. What follows are some tips or tricks in deep cleaning rooms in your house.

  1. If you have carpets in the house you should get to the professional carpet cleaners. It is important that you do not neglect the carpets because it is part of the room. If you do decide to do it yourself you can rent the equipment and clean the carpet yourself.


  1. Socks can be used in a variety of ways and you can certainly use them in the blinds of your bedroom if you have one. It is easier to use a sock to clean the dirty dust in your blinds, you can dip it into a mixture of vinegar and water to ensure it is cleaned thoroughly.


  1. It is also important for you to clean thoroughly the mattress and bedding. You can clean this using a vacuum sucking away the dirt stuck in the item. You can use baking soda with a few drops of your favorite essential oil to take away the odor, let it sit for an hour then vacuum away.


  1. The fridge should also be cleaned properly. The inside and outside of it should be given special attention. It is important that you clean the fridge so that if there are gunk inside it, it will be cleaned out. It will not be able to contaminate the foods inside the fridge too.


  1. Wash kitchen cabinets so that the grime that can build up in there overtime can be washed away. You can do this by using a wash cloth with some solution to it to gently wipe off oils and other stuff in from the doors.


  1. Clean your light bulbs. It is important for you to clean the light bulbs in your home. Make sure that you look after the lights as dust can dim the bulbs losing you some much needed lights.


  1. Cobwebs around the house should not be tolerated and should also be given thought properly. There is something that needs to be done about it. So, you can use a vacuum hose to suck this cobwebs up.


  1. Part of deep cleaning is de- cluttering the space. That would mean that there will be some things that is no longer needed. If you find do have some this stuff instead of putting them into storage creating more hidden clutter it should be donated instead.

Deep cleaning your home means that you’ll have to give it your all and clean. It is a tedious but satisfying job.

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